Covert Surveillance

Brener Investigations Group utilizes surveillance as the key tool to obtain facts on individuals and businesses.  When correctly implemented, a private investigator can utilize surveillance to confirm links established by obtained data and intelligence. Most times, links and facts can only be established or confirmed through visual means.  As a result, we use regularly use covert surveillance while conducting infidelity investigations, asset recovery, and business investigations in Florida and New York.

Brener Investigations Group and our experienced private investigators utilize the art of surveillance and other information gathering techniques to provide our clients irrefutable facts.  Every situation is unique and each assignment requires custom surveillance packages which may include single or multiple investigators of various gender, ethnicity and race.

After spending countless hours in the field from large cities to beach resorts, our experienced private investigators use ingenuity and adaptiveness to obtain the key evidence needed to establish the facts.  We are great at being covert, making it a priority to get the evidence needed, no matter where or how.

Brener Investigations Group is tech savvy and employ all the tools of the trade.  Always staying on top of cutting edge technology in this field is key.  We use video cameras recording in 4k technology, and our still cameras have high resolution to capture all the details.  When entering establishments we use low light / high definition covert surveillance gear and 2nd and 3rd generation night vision.  This gear is usually either small and easily held and maneuvered or body worn.

We have on our staff retired law enforcement, who have years of experience handling complex surveillance assignments. Our talented mixed male / female staff include Russian investigators, Spanish investigators and African American investigators.

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