Spousal Support / Maintenance

Brener Investigations Group’ private investigator are experienced in dealing with domestic investigations.  In cases of spousal maintenance / support or alimony, we gather evidence of a change in the circumstances of one or both parties to a divorce with the purpose or raising, lowering, or eliminating payments of one party to another.

What is Spousal Support / Maintenance or Alimony?

Spousal support / Maintenance or Alimony is financial assistance that recognizes a partner’s contribution to the marriage and helps the recipient achieve financial independence. Alimony is available only to those who were legally married; and, rules vary by state.

How is Spousal Support / Maintenance or Alimony determined?

Depending on the jurisdiction, the amount of alimony is determined based on a variety of financial factors, such as:

  • Total length of the marriage
  • Income of each of the parties
  • Standard of living enjoyed by the parties during the course of the marriage
  • Need of a party for spousal support
  • Ability of a party to pay spousal support
  • Education level and employability of the party seeking support
  • Relative contributions made to the joint estate by each of the parties

Post-Divorce modifications

Any party (alimony paying or alimony receiving) with a legitimate claim for modification of the amount of alimony payments may start an investigation.

Action Brought by Paying Spouse (Lowering Payment)
  • Cohabitation of receiving spouse
  • New or higher-paying employment by receiving spouse
  • Financial windfall to receiving spouse
  • Paying spouse’s inability to work due to disability
  • Financial emergency or other financial loss to paying spouse
  • New support obligation for paying spouse (such as new spousal or child support obligations)
  • Cost of living decrease to receiving spouse
  • Change in alimony laws


Action Brought by Receiving Spouse (Raising Payment)
  • Receiving spouse’s loss of employment or lower-paying job
  • Receiving spouse’s inability to work due to disability
  • Financial emergency or other financial loss to receiving spouse
  • Cost of living increase for receiving spouse
  • New or higher-paying job by paying spouse
  • Financial windfall to paying spouse
  • Cost of living decrease for paying spouse
  • Change in alimony laws

How We Can Help

If you believe that your case wasn’t decided fairly or there are factors that have changed, and are cause for modification, Brener Investigations Group can investigate and collect evidence on your behalf.

Our skilled private investigators are experts in:

  • Video Surveillance
  • Evidence collection for Cohabitation
  • Employment verification
  • Income verification
  • Quality of life investigations (new house, new cars), spending habits.
  • Asset Investigations (locating unreported assets)

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