Competitor Insight

Whether you are emerging into a new market or interested in your competition, your company’s success often depends on its ability to stay ahead.  We conduct our thorough business investigations skillfully and provide factual information that will help in understanding your competition and give you the advantage.

Brand Protection

Brand protection and intellectual property protection are critical concerns for long-term corporate growth and survival in today’s competitive, global marketplace.

Failure to develop a wide-ranging strategy to protect intellectual property and brands can cost a company millions of dollars, lost competitive advantages and, ultimately, its ability to compete. Taking steps to prevent such incidents from occurring is essential, and when an incident occurs, being prepared with a quick and thoughtful response is crucial.

Brener Investigations Group works strategically with clients and their legal counsel to manage and protect against theft, counterfeiting, diversion and misappropriation.

Market Entry

Entry into new and unfamiliar markets stretches the resources and concentration of even the largest companies. Brener Investigations Group helps clients build profitable businesses in new and challenging markets by mapping the competitive landscape and identifying and reviewing potential partners.  Our private investigators  provide actionable intelligence via proven techniques used by global intelligence agencies.



How We Can Help

Brener Investigations Group conducts thorough and skilled business investigations in order to provide our clients secure intelligence needed in making fair and competent decisions in the business sector.  The secret to our success is a multi-step approach, utilizing asset investigations, background investigations and surveillance.

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