Child Support Investigations

Child Support

Is your child being deprived of a court mandated child support payment?  Do you believe that the current support amount wasn’t fairly calculated due to fraud? Is the other parent lying about his or her employment status? assets? quality of life? or perhaps there are cohabitation issues.  Brener Investigations Group’ private investigator can assist you in these difficult and stressful times.

Our private investigators have years of experience handling these complex investigations.  We use a multi-step approach to collect evidence for you to present to the court.  The evidence we collect for you leaves no doubt in the courts eyes and often leads to modifications to the child support order.  We also offer our expert court testimony to stand behind the facts that we collect on your behalf.

Often times the other parents claims he or she is not employed, or under reports their income.  In many cases our private investigators confirm that the other parent does work and disguises income thru their business. They then under report their income or state that they only work minimal hours.  Thru surveillance, we are able to obtain evidence of current employment status.

How We Can Help

If you believe that your case wasn’t decided fairly or there are factors that have changed, and are cause for modification, Brener Investigations Group can investigate and collect evidence on your behalf.

Our skilled private investigators are experts in:

  • Video Surveillance
  • Evidence collection for Cohabitation
  • Employment verification
  • Income verification
  • Quality of life investigations (new house, new cars), spending habits.
  • Asset Investigations (locating unreported assets)

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