Judgment Recovery / Asset Recovery

Steps for a successful Asset Investigation

Determine if the party has any assets to pursue

Asset Investigators will first determine if there are any viable assets held by the person or company prior to filing the lawsuit. An important element to any successful asset investigation is the element of surprise.  Once the party is aware of any pending court actions, they are then more prone to hide their assets.

Our asset investigators and certified fraud examiners know where to locate any hidden assets.  Brener Investigations Group are skilled and very successful in conducting extensive searches for bank accounts, brokerage accounts, stocks, bonds, intellectual property, real estate, safe deposit boxes, automobiles, watercraft,  and aircraft.

As a result of our experience, we have been successfully recovering assets for our clients in both New York and Florida for many years.

Identify hidden assets

Experience shows that the first step a party involved in an asset investigation attempts to do is hide their assets.  They do this by transferring ownership to other individuals, family members or associated companies.

Our private investigators run thorough background investigations to identify all family members, associates and companies.  Asset Investigators and Certified Fraud Examiners locate any assets that have been recently transferred to other parties.  After collecting this data, our CFE’s analyze it and prepare it for court.

In addition, we utilize skilled private investigators to conduct surveillance and determine if there are any other links to persons, business and financial institutions that may have been missed.

Our years of successful asset investigations come from this aggressive multi-step approach.

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