Infidelity Investigations

Social Media Investigations / Digital Forensics

Whether you need evidence for court proceedings or just to ease your gut feeling about a relationship, we can help.  Our Florida private investigators are well trained in the art of surveillance, and are ready to go above and beyond to obtain the evidence you need for questions concerning infidelity.

Private investigators conduct confidential and discreet relationship investigations.  Brener Investigations Group work closely with you to discover and verify the facts pertaining to each unique situation.​

We use state of the art video equipment during our covert surveillance, combined with the ingenuity that our exeperienced private investigators have developed to provide the facts.  We are tech savvy and are experts in digital forensics and social media investigations.

Child Custody

  • Is your ex paying what the court ordered?  Is he paying at all?
  • Does your ex say they are not working but you know they are?
  • Do you believe that there are hidden accounts?

Private investigators can help you find the answers and evidence needed for court proceedings. Our asset investigations can identify accounts domestic and international.  Private investigators also have been very successfully in applying covert surveillance techniques to locate places of employment and other business interests of individuals.  We have been collecting evidence in child support matters in Florida and New York City for many years.

Pre-Marital / Relationship Investigation

  • Does your partner avoid talking about their past?
  • Or, do their stories appear too vague or unusually descriptive?
  • Have they introduced you to their family or close friends?
  • Do you know their address and home phone number?
  • Do they display a suspiciously keen interest in your finances?

Our highly trained and experienced private investigators have had many years of experience in pre-marital screenings, and we always use the utmost discretion and sensitivity because this truly is a sensitive matter. We can prove, or hopefully disprove, your suspicions by providing information about your partner’s life prior to meeting you, whether it be a previous marriage, financial history, employment history,  criminal background or whom they have lived with in the past.  We are skilled in social media investigations and digital forensics.

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