Missing Persons

Brener Investigations Group may help locate missing persons in any number of circumstances:
  • We may work alongside law enforcement officials in active missing persons cases, augmenting a current missing persons search or pursuing leads not considered credible by law enforcement.
  • We may open a missing persons case and actively begin searching before law enforcement considers it a missing persons case.
  • We help families reconnect with separated loved ones.
  • We work with families to readdress cold missing persons cases that have been closed by law enforcement.
  • We help families seek additional answers on the missing persons cases of loved ones.
  • We help families find a missing loved one that is not considered “missing” in the eyes of the law.
  • We may help find missing debtors, heirs, or witnesses.

How We Can Help

Brener Investigations Group’ private investigators use a wide array of resources to find missing persons. We search the Internet and public databases, study police records regarding the case, and pursue leads wherever they make take us. Our experienced private investigators question witnesses, perform background checks, and use a number of investigative techniques, including surveillance, to locate the whereabouts of missing persons.

Many individuals turn to us because of our skills, our resources, and our dedication.

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