Brener Investigations Group provides comprehensive due diligence and background investigations on individuals and businesses to minimize exposure to risk and ensure success with new hires, joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions, or similar business dealings. Brener Investigations Group confirms the history and authenticity of the person or entity in question through a combination of human intelligence sources, a wide spectrum of database tools, and other techniques, such as surveillance and personal interviews. Extensive social media site research is conducted to identify relevant activities.

We offer our clients thorough Background Checks on all prospective employee and partners.  Experienced private investigators conduct the background checks.

Civil / Criminal History

Our first step is to run the subject through a  national civil and criminal history background search. We uncover all civil and criminal actions, past and pending.  Private investigators dig deep to uncover all the details of any actions found.


If requested, our private investigators will conduct in-depth interviews with your potential new hire or business partner.  We are certified in advanced interviewing concepts.  Our private investigators can uncover deception and false representations.

Credit / Financial Outlook

Our private investigators and certified fraud examiners can check our potential new hire or partners for any issues with their finances.  We obtain this information via credit history and financial institution inquires, and then analyze them to provide you with a financial outlook on the individual.

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